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Meet Billy Caldwell, the multifaceted entertainer, better known as NiftyBC, whose journey in the entertainment world spans decades. Having carved his niche in music with his band Million Kids, he’s now making waves in stand-up comedy, quickly gaining momentum in this exciting new venture. Based in Portland, Oregon, NiftyBC’s comedy, rooted in Gen X humor, navigates the complexities of life with a playful twist, poking fun at pop culture, family dynamics, and the challenges of middle age.

From prestigious stages like the Lee Strasberg Theater in Los Angeles to renowned comedy venues such as Helium Comedy Club, NiftyBC’s infectious energy draws audiences in. His relatable anecdotes about marriage, parenting, and the quirks of the modern world resonate with fans. As a versatile musician skilled in various instruments and a talented illustrator by day, NiftyBC brings a unique blend of creativity to the stage. With plans for engaging podcasts and a busy 2024 comedy calendar, this seasoned entertainer is a rising star you won’t want to miss. Get ready to laugh, as NiftyBC turns life’s quirks into comedy gold!


Upcoming Dates

In Person and Online

Comedy + Music

LOOWIT BREWERY – LOL Comedy Night Oct 14th 7:30pm

DANTE’s – Playing Drums For DEMURE – 9pm

Sports Page , Beaverton, OR Sunday October 29th 9pm


NFT CIRCUS PODCAST every saturday at 10 am PST

Streams on Spotify and Twitter as well






Multi-Instrumentalist and songwriter

links coming soon

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