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About Me

Jack of all trades.

Might be the best way to describe me. I started on the piano at 7,moving my fingers as fast as they could go until about 11 years old. Then discovered skateboarding, a total release and something I truly focused on. This is when photography entered my universe. Skateboparding, snowbairding and music were my favborite subject to capture.

I came from the deserts of Las Vegas, NV and transplanted myself to Los Angeles, CA in the early nineties, experiencing the full bore of the art and music scene LA had to offer. Falling in love with live music, not only did I design album covers and take photos of a lot of amazing artists over the years, I also played music in my own band Million Kids. Sharing the stage with many great acts that helped me learn marketing, sound engineering and production. It gave me great subjects to shoot photos, and a community to thrive in.

Over the years I have created some great campaigns and artwork I can be proud of. I look forward to more creative outlets in the future and hope I get to meet you somewhere along that journey. Stay cool.


Video and motion graphics are my latest focus. Since the ever changing landscape of marketing is focused more and more on video content. We specialize in micro-production, creating amazing work at reasonable pricing.


My true first love, Photography has made my life better. The people I have been fortunate to meet, and capture a moment in time with them, create the passion I have for the artform.


Websites to 3D, I have dabbled a bit in all of it. I'm fascinated by the the evolution of the web and social media. Now with AI around the corner and VR making bold moves, who know whats to come.


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Check out my Instagram for more pics! @YOURINSTAGRAM


Check out my Instagram for more pics! @caldwellcreativela

Website Design


WordPress is what I use to acheicve the results my clients love. It's by far the easiest backend to train someone on your staff to make updates as you need, or you can always get one of our monthly maintainence plans and we will hadle it for you.


If they dont know you are there they aren't going to be able to buy from you, that's why SEO is so important to gain google ranks and traffic. We use whitehat methods to get better google rankings for your business.


Get your products online and we can help you get there. Whether you need someone to help you with your Shopify site or if you want your own ecom platform on your wordpress site, we can make it happen!


Keep unwated attacks to your website at bay. Let us help you make your site more secure by installing an SSL Certificate and add some great plugin to prevent malicious attacks.

Content Creation

Our specialty! If you already have a website or social media presence and need awesome looking content created custom to your business, look no farther. Contact with what you need whether it is an article, video, etc. we will help you make it a reality.

Link Building

Google raisies your ranking based on relevance, relavance is creat4d with link building. We created a large network of backinks to your website to help raise your google search ranking. page #1 is what we aim for, takes a little time, but we will get your there.

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I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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