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Welcome to the official website of NiftyBC, a humble yet passionate artist, comedian, and musician who has left his little mark on the entertainment industry. With a punk rock spirit at heart, NiftyBC, also known as BC Caldwell, has been captivating audiences with his raw talent and down-to-earth performances.

In his earlier days, NiftyBC served as the frontman and songwriter for the band Million Kids in Los Angeles, playing countless shows along the West Coast. Their music, filled with heartfelt lyrics and energetic melodies, even managed to snag AirPlay on college and international radio stations. It’s been an incredible journey, and NiftyBC remains grateful for the support and opportunities he’s received along the way.

In addition to his musical pursuits, NiftyBC has ventured into the world of digital art, creating the beloved MORBS NFT collection on the Wax blockchain. It’s truly humbling to witness the positive response from collectors around the world, who have embraced his visually stunning and innovative artwork. NiftyBC’s art is a reflection of his genuine passion and dedication to his craft.

To further share his love for the arts, NiftyBC also hosts the NFT Circus podcast, where he brings together artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to explore the ever-evolving landscape of NFTs. With over 150 episodes under his belt, it’s a platform where he can learn and grow alongside others who share his passion.

This website serves as a humble space for fans and admirers of NiftyBC, offering a glimpse into his artistic journey. Explore his diverse portfolio, which includes music, artwork, and upcoming comedy performances. Stay updated with the latest news, releases, and tour dates as NiftyBC continues to push creative boundaries while staying true to his punk roots.

Whether you’ve been a fan for years or are just discovering NiftyBC’s work, this website invites you to be a part of his genuine and heartfelt artistic expression. Join the NiftyBC community today and witness the incredible talent of this humble artist, comedian, and musician. Get ready for a unique and authentic experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Upcoming Dates

In Person and Online


Sports Page , Beaverton, OR Sunday July 16th 9pm

Sports Page , Beaverton, OR Sunday July 23rd 9pm

Sports Page , Beaverton, OR Sunday July 30th 9pm


NFT CIRCUS PODCAST every saturday at 10 am PST

Streams on Spotify and Twitter as well






Multi-Instrumentalist and songwriter

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