Luck Of Daruma


DROPPING 9.15.21

I want everyone to have some luck, so I made this one of one Mythic Daruma doll series (very exclusive only a max of 100 will be made).

Daruma dolls have always fascinated me, the evil-looking face that protects against evil spirits. I have always had this imagery in my head, and finally put a few down on digital media. This is part of a one of one Avatar series with benefits.

Show these as your avatar and be part of the LUCKY CLUB. 

LUCKY CLUB members will start getting special CROSS-MARKETPLACE benefits, like 

  • – FREE AIRDROPS ON THE WAX BLOCKCHAIN (Simply setup a wax wallet and DM us your WAX ID and Proof of NFT OWNERSHIP to our telegram @NIFTYBC
  • Why add a WAX WALLET? It gives far more access to FREE NFTS, MINER TOKENS, BLENDABLE WAX NFTS, Special Multi Card Packs to get upgraded NFTS! Earn and Trade on two different marketplaces!
  • THE MAIN ETH BASED NFT trades on Opensea, and the FREE AIRDROPS you can Trade on WAX Blockchain. Two for one luck going on here! Also WAX is almost done with it’s ETH bridge and soon you will be able to trade across the blockchains!
  • – VR Gallery Space and hangout for the holders. Once the first ten have sold, a public VR gallery will be put up with links directly too your new LUCK OF DARUMA NFT. A great way to show it off and with easy clickable links to buy. Works on Desktop, Mobile or VR 


Get more than just your regular NFT. Open a WAX WALLET ( and get Free AIRDROPPED NFTS straight to your
WAX WALLET on the WAX BlockChain.